Industry engagement

Since 1999 Chris Isaac has been invited to speak at many business and educational events around the UK, from local SME business events to National Engineering conferences and exhibitions.

Topics have included:

Business and Engineering Talks

  • Public engagement with the Space industry in the UK
  • Engineering better communications
  • Connectivity in the local supply chain

Creative Industry Talks

  • Creative problem solving & lateral thinking
  • How to plan a marketing strategy
  • How can your brand add value to the bottom-line
  • My business journey

“I like to bring my audience along on journeys with me, allowing them to discover new information and skills. My style of presentation is interactive, lively and I like to make my audience think and engage with each other. I’m aways happy to answer as many questions as possible and enjoy being challenged and challenging the attendees.”

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Speaking appointments:

Title of talk: Why it’s important to improve the public’s engagement in Space

Location: Advanced Engineering Show 2018, NEC Birmingham

Audience: 240 Aero Engineering Forum attendees

Content: Facts, figures and personal experience of the public’s views of Space research and exploration, with tips on how businesses in the Aerospace industry can improve engagement through better communications.

Title of talk: The Destination is the Journey

Location: Farm491 – Royal Agricultural University

Audience: 30 attendees from the Agri-tech industry

Content: My 28 year business journey from student to Marketing Director

Title of talk: Communications strategy

Location: UK Power Solutions Ltd – Communications Day

Audience:  250 staff

Content: Strategy for joined up marketing in the power industry.

Other speaking engagements have included:

  • Engineering and Manufacturing Forum, Gloucestershire
  • Made in Britain
  • Festival of Engineering and Manufacturing
  • University of Gloucestershire  
  • Women in Business Conference
  • Forest Green Rovers Business Club

Here are some of the organisations we have worked with over 25 years