Strategy and execution

Why Outsource?

Salary – The high salary commanded by an experienced Marketing Manager can be a strain on a growing business’s cashflow.

Experience – Taking on an outsourced marketing professional cuts out the time needed to hire and train new talent to the same level of competency, allowing for an immediate start.

Fresh perspective – It’s always worth bringing in another pair of eyes, especially someone that isn’t influenced by office politics. Outsourcing will allow you to challenge thinking and push through change.

Speed of implementation – In this highly competitive world, you can’t always wait for a new member of staff to get up to speed. You want to make big decisions and take action. Outsourced marketing allows that to happen.

Taking on a junior – Entry-level marketing personnel don’t always aim to stay long in their first position/first company. That can mean you invest a great deal of time and money on training them up for their next job – somewhere else.

The key component is finding someone to truly know and understand your company and its marketing needs, to enable you to make the right choice for the future growth of your company.

Why Science & Engineering Marketing?

Most sales and marketing managers in SME engineering and science companies seem to arrive at their position by working their way up through the company from being an engineer or scientist. This is great for understanding the products you’re trying to sell, but they may not necessarily be able to empathise with a target audience or help them to understand the benefits, to them, of what you are selling.

Marketing is a different mindset and, as such, involves a lot of different skills, including lateral thinking, communication at all levels and the ability to see the big picture. You also need to know how to structure a sales and marketing process. We specialise in bringing your audience with us on a journey that enables them to connect with your products and services.

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Christopher Isaac

BA Hons Advertising & Design
Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing

Chris Isaac Designer

Key abilities:

  • Able to quickly understand complex products and services.
  • Spots gaps in marketing strategies.
  • Lateral, creative thinker.
  • Loves challenges.
  • A positive force for good in any company.
  • Vast experience and knowledge.

“I have over 25 years of experience in advertising, branding, marketing strategy and implementation. After university, I was taken on as the youngest ever Art Director in the Equator Department at Saatchi & Saatchi in London. That was the opportunity to learn my trade on accounts such as Land Rover, British Airways and ADT Security.

“From 1999 until 2017 I ran my own successful marketing agency. I employed over 22 members of staff and created four apprenticeships. During that time, we worked on a wide variety of projects: from launching products for Stanley Security Solutions, BAE, BBC, Lister Shearing and many more, to rebranding airports, schools and corporate headquarters. I decided in August 2017 to close that business to focus more on science and engineering.

“As an outsourced marketing manager, I now help clients at a more personal, in-depth level. I help manage teams in organisations, large and small, enabling them to understand the true value of their brands, building their marketing strategy and helping to implement it. Working with blue-chip clients, at board level, I help with key business decisions and processes and rationalising their communications.”

Hobbies and interests:

  • Space, science and technology.
  • Photography.
  • Inspiring young people into STEM careers.

Here are some of the organisations we have worked with over 25 years